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Good news for everyone who wants to be faster than LTE advanced

5G technology can provide data rates exceeding 10 Gb/s – 1000 fold more than current mobile networks. Applying this to the over 500 billion devices connected to the internet will change the internet dramatically. The telecom operator Exatel is working

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Exatel participates in Rapid 5G testing project

Polish operator Exatel […] is taking part in the Radio technologies for 5G project, which will use Advanced Photonic Infrastructure for dense user environments (RAPID), initiated by the European Commission and Japanese NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology).

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A leap to new levels of computerization and Internet of Things with 5G

The Polish telecom operator Exatel participates in RAPID5G, always willing to contribute to the development of new technologies. Funded by Horizon 2020, the largest EU program for research and innovation in history, RAPID5G could effect raising the level of computerization

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